Tutorial: How to make a F.A.Q. page with an Ask box!

I’ve been getting tons of questions asking me how to set up a Frequently Asked Questions page + the Ask, which is weird since I actually don’t have one. Huh. So this is in reply to those 19 questions (ikr).

A FAQ page lists the tumblr asks you usually get and the answers you’re tired of repeating. It usually includes an ask box so you can ask more questions and therefore increase the number of FAQs! Woo! 
Here’s an example (using my word vomit blog):

Here’s how to set up a FAQ PAGE:

  1. Go to your Customize page. (http://www.tumblr.com/customize/YOUR-URL or click the Customize Appearance link on your tumblog.)

    Scroll all the way down for the Pages section. 

    Click on Add a Page. 

  2. An Add page pop out will come atchu so fill it up accordingly

     - Standard / Custom Layout
    Standard uses your theme’s layout for the page. Custom allows you to create a different layout for the page.
    - Page URL
    You can go with FAQ or anything else that tickles yo fancy.
    - Page Title
      The heading or title of your page.
    - Show a link to this page? Y/N? 
    Checking the box adds a link to this page in your description (if I’m not mistaken).
     - Body
    WRITE ALL THE THINGS HERE. In this case, post your Frequently Asked Questions and Answers You Are Tired Of Giving.

  3. FOR THE ASK BOX, here’s what you do:
    - Go to this page (http://flairey.tumblr.com/post/4655140611/tumblr-ask-box-how-to-put-it-on-your-about-me-or) for my other tutorial on getting the source code of your ask box.
    Done? OK NEXT

    - Click EDIT HTML on the Body’s toolbar thing.

    - Paste the code to your ask box in the Edit Html pop up and hit update.

    - Aaaand your ask box will magically appear before your FAQs.


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